Wednesday, January 20, 2010

MLK Day "On"

I promised more pics of our Give a Day, Get a Disney Day. We volunteered on MLK Day at a middle school working on the grounds. The slogan of the day was..."Make it a day ON...not a day off."
Here's Hubby and the kids during sign-in time in one of the school's trailers:
My sister and the kids before starting work:

The rotten apples and watermelons waiting for their new compost area:

The newly moved compost area:

Hubby working on trimming electric trimmers here!

Me and Hubby:

Our girl trimming shrubs:

Seriously...who is this???? I think it's Dank Smith--fo sho!

Our boy with my sister on mulch duty covering the mud:

Shovels can be dangerous...our boy accidently hit a girl with his shovel. He felt really bad, and we didn't even have to say..."I told you so." Even though we had been telling him to keep his shovel low.

Spreading grass clippings on mud...we ran out of mulch:
In the lunch line post-work...lunch was provided-nice!
Art from elementary school kids displayed at lunch location:

Wrapping it up for our DAY ON:

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