Friday, January 29, 2010

QU Wedding

Today was our girl's big day as the bride in the QU Wedding. The day we remember that all Q words are always joined in union with the letter U: quarter, quilt, quack, etc.
Here's the bride with Hubby and me pre-ceremony:

Ready for the wedding:

Walking down the aisle:

The vows:

Mr. and Mrs. QU:

The wedding party:

The proud Mama with the bride:

The proud Daddy with the bride:

WooHoo!! Will there be dancing at the reception?

The flowers that my mom and I made for her. She picked them out from Publix! They did turn out much better than when we first started:
Look Aunt T: she wore the tiara you gave her. She's saying, "Ouch" here because her shoe rubbed a blister on her foot.

Wedding Day Secrets:
dress=$7 from Goodwill+dry cleaning cost, I had to take it in a little on sides/straps
veil=$9.99 from Hobby Lobby
tiara=gift from aunt
shoes=$16 from Payless
flowers=$8 from Publix + $6 for holder from Hobby Lobby
Day as a Bride for Pre-K QU Wedding=priceless


L Rukes said...

This is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Kellett had the honor of being the groom in the q and u wedding when he was in kindergarten. It was priceless, and left me thinking one day I would really be sitting there, mother of the groom.

3 Sweet Teas and Me said...

Yes...I caught myself tearing up with the whole experience...especially the "Here comes the bride" music!!! :)