Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Tooth Came Out

Praise the Lord! Our son lost his 1st tooth tonight. We put the kids to bed--early mind you--with this "back to reality" schedule. Then I heard our boy coming in our room saying, "My tooth is ready to come out." Well...that's all Mama had to hear! I've been waiting to get a hold of that thing! I pulled it with my finger and heard it pop, then he wasn't having any part of this tooth-pulling adventure! So...I had to get the 'ol Kleenex and reach in to get it (after about 10 minutes of coaxing). I yelled..."I got it!!!" I wish I had a picture of the look on his face...he was so surprised! I said "See...you didn't even feel it."

Ever since we pulled it, he's been saying..."January 5, 2010...first tooth lost." Here's a pic of his new grin--our boy minus one bottom tooth!

I'm sure my Mom is smiling now...she always gave me the line..."Just let me wiggle it" when it was time to pull one of my teeth growing up. I fell for it every time! Hopefully our boy will too!

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